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Lunch Menu

Vegetable Biryani

(Medium) Delicious and aromatic dish with basmati rice cooked with an assortment of vegetables and a blend of flavorful spices, a vegetarian version of the traditional biryani. (v - vegan, vg - vegetarian)

Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken

Tender chicken in a sweet and tangy Thai chilli sauce. (Hot)



Pop-Peri Chips

Crunchy potato chips seasoned with peri-peri, flavorful and spicy chilli-based sauce. (Hot), (v- vegan, vg - Vegetarian )











Scrumptious Lunch Options At Fusion Hut

Fusion Hut: Your Go-To Indian Lunch Restaurant

Fusion Hut in Cambridge stands out as a premier Indian restaurant for lunch. Known for our exceptional Indian cuisine, it caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, making it the ideal choice for a midday meal.

Convenient and Delicious

Located conveniently in Cambridge, Fusion Hut is perfect for those searching for an “Indian restaurant near me open for lunch”. Its prime location caters to those craving flavorful dishes in a hurry, making it an optimal choice for locals and visitors alike.

With swift service and a diverse menu, it satisfies both the appetite and the need for efficiency, embodying the essence of convenience and deliciousness. Whether in search of a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Fusion Hut stands out as the go-to destination for those desiring authentic Indian flavours without compromising on accessibility or taste.

A Menu of Delights

Fusion Hut presents a diverse array of dishes, appealing to a spectrum of tastes. Whether craving classic Indian flavours or seeking more adventurous options, the menu delivers a satisfying experience for lunchtime indulgence. With a thoughtful curation of traditional and innovative recipes, it ensures every palate finds fulfilment.

From aromatic curries to fusion-inspired delights, each dish is crafted to tantalise the taste buds and leave diners craving more. Embracing culinary diversity, Fusion Hut invites patrons to embark on a gastronomic journey where every bite promises a fusion of flavours and a delightful exploration of taste.

Seamless Experience

Fusion Hut prioritises customer satisfaction, offering both delivery and collection options. The hassle-free online ordering system and commitment to timely service make it a top choice for a stress-free lunch.

Visit Fusion Hut

For those looking to explore new lunch options or enjoy their favourite Indian dishes, our Indian restaurant for lunch is a must-visit. Located at 24A Chesterton Rd, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB4 3AX, it’s easily accessible for a quick lunch break or a leisurely meal.