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Vindaloo Dishes

Goa originated as, Flavorful and fiery dish that is a marination in a mixture of vinegar, garlic, ginger, and various spices, adding potatoes. (Very Hot)

Rogan Dishes

Originally from Kashmir, Medium spicy dish in a blend of rich spices, tomato, garlic and pepper (Medium)

Vegetable Biryani

(Medium) Delicious and aromatic dish with basmati rice cooked with an assortment of vegetables and a blend of flavorful spices, a vegetarian version of the traditional biryani. (v - vegan, vg - vegetarian)

Balti Dishes

An Indian curry with aromatic spices in the distinctive rounded-bottom, two-handled Balti pot, creating flavorful delight. (Medium)

Basil Basa Bhuna

Basa fish fillets featuring basil flavoured tomato and onion sauce. (Medium to Hot)

Khashila Bindi Ghost

A flavorful okra and lamb curry with options for spice levels (Medium to Hot)

Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken

Tender chicken in a sweet and tangy Thai chilli sauce. (Hot)

Achari Chicken

(Medium) Chicken cooked in a tangy and flavorful achari (pickle) style

Bhuna Dishes

Bold and smoky elegance, garnished with onion, garlic, tomato, and rich depth of flavors in every Bite (Medium)

Dansak Dishes

Sweet meets spicy in a culinary dance of lentil delight. (Hot)